New York’s Reproductive Health Act: Responding to Pro-RHA Claims

Let us remember that there is a winsome and loving way to discuss our pro-life convictions and respond to these objections, and let us seek concrete ways to live out our pro-life convictions in our communities, even as we contend for them in the public square.

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Is ‘My’ Culture Better than ‘Your’ Culture?

As a writer and artist, I have always been an amateur cultural anthropologist of sorts – observing how people live and relate in each of these nuanced expressions of American culture. It has been interesting to behold moments of beauty, bleakness, and banality in each culture.

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Holistic Counseling: Why Is It Important?

A holistic form of counseling–one that looks at body, soul and spirit–will not only work to correct unhealthy thinking, but seek to determine whether the causes are physical and/or spiritual.

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