Our Tears Are Not Enough

God wants to expose our brokenness so we will act against injustice. Our tears, without change, are in vain…our silence against the spiritual darkness that has plagued this country and culture since the inception makes us complicit in the demonic, toxic, and soul-destroying sin of racism.

A Reading List for Addressing Racism in Our Pews

As Christians wanting to engage and respond to current events in our nation and confront the sin of racism both in our country and our pews, educating ourselves is vital. We have compiled a list of books to help: (1) The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander   (2)...

A Prayer of Lament Over Racism

Our hearts are heavy this day and tears are close to the surface as we watch the unwatchable, think about the unthinkable, bear the unbearable, cry out for solutions to the unfixable. Our groanings are too deep for words. Tears come at the oddest moments. Despair...

Battle Ready: Sitting on the Rock

This season is an invitation for us to be like Moses. While you’re going stir crazy at home, whether alone or with all the kids, take this as an invitation to climb this spiritual hill, alone or with your family, to meet God like Moses did – to be in prayer.

Resources for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing During COVID-19

EDITOR'S NOTE: Across the globe, many are dealing with the effects of COVID-19. The city of New Orleans, where The Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community (the parent organization of The Restoration Institute) is based has recently declared a state of...

How We Approach One Another: Moving Toward Racial Reconciliation

What would it look like to live out Paul’s admonition with racial reconciliation?

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