How We Approach One Another: Moving Toward Racial Reconciliation

What would it look like to live out Paul’s admonition with racial reconciliation?

Providence and Virtue in Business Today

In today’s super-competitive world, would we…uphold our integrity, especially when the temptation to compromise moral values, sometimes for mere survival, becomes so tantalizingly strong?

Rehashing Hash Tags, Part 3: Contemporary Expressions of Socialism in Social Justice

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the third of a three-part series (click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2). In Part 3, Dr. Brooks shows the connection of socialist and postmodern sources and the social justice movement. He examines one of the most popular textbooks used in...

Rehashing Hash Tags, PART 2: The Catholic Response to the Rise of Socialism

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the second of this three-part series, Dr. Brooks examines Catholic and Protestant responses to the social justice movement, particularly in the last century. Both Catholic and Protestant responses are examined in the background of the rising tide of...

Rehashing Hash Tags: An Evangelical Approach to Social Justice – PART 1

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of three parts of a paper presented by Dr. Page Brooks at the 2018 Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, Denver, CO. In Part 1 of this essay, Dr. Brooks examines the background of the term “social justice.” He draws from the...

The Death Penalty is Inconsistent with Evangelical Christianity – PART 2

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the first part of Dr. Brown’s article, he argued that the U.S. death penalty system, as it is currently, does not fulfill its intended purpose. On the contrary, there actually might be factors present that work against its original intentions. In the...

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One Childhood

When we invest time, energy, and efforts in our children during their childhood, we nurture and nourish their minds, spirits, and souls forever.

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