Reflections from My Plantation Visit

It occurred to me in the midst of my reflections that we all construct God in the image we need him to take on to justify things we want to continue to do, believe and participate in. These might not be practices like the wretchedness of slavery, but they are wretched practices nonetheless in the eyes of our creator.

Is Jesus the Center or Boundary of Your Theology?

A centered-set theology focuses on Jesus being the object of pursuit, study and attention in developing doctrines in the context of a relationship with Jesus and fellow Christians.

Book Review: ‘Becoming a Just Church’ by Adam Gustine

Does a church have to choose if it must focus on evangelism or justice in its community? Adam Gustine answers this question in his new book, ‘Becoming a Just Church.’

After Violence Against My New Orleans Church, It’s Time for Forgiveness

Our church and community were shaken last week with the random and senseless attack on two daycare parents in front of our church on Canal Street in New Orleans. We who live in New Orleans are used to crime around the city. But what really shakes us up is that this...

How Should Christians Respond to Public Accusations?

As Christians we are to “seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8), but the intoxicating allure of instant judgment can sweep us into an upsetting fit that results in ill-informed witnesses to God’s justice.

Love Is Not Just a Conjugation

What might the world be like if each of us made an effort to be swift to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger and respect the rights of others to think what they think? The call is not to agree with others necessarily or to believe what others believe but simply to learn about or from the other, understand the other, value the other and respect the other.

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Holistic Counseling: Why Is It Important?

A holistic form of counseling–one that looks at body, soul and spirit–will not only work to correct unhealthy thinking, but seek to determine whether the causes are physical and/or spiritual.

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